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Those Fabulous Fergusons

November 05, 2017
It was a beautiful Fall afternoon when I took a lovely drive to Louisville and met up with Riley and her fam. They were so much fun and they are some pretty stellar subje...
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Yellow Springs Sunflower Field

September 23, 2017
It all started with this post on Facebook: Those are my friends, Justin and Katie Chu. You might remember their engagement shoot. I asked about this Sunflower Field, a...
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Gambettas in the Summertime

July 21, 2017
Thanks so much for letting me capture these good times with your beautiful family. I'm so grateful for all five of you! First, the fun-loving, nurturing, way-too-tall G3...
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Audrey and Friends: Prom 2017

April 13, 2017
I think I met Audrey when she was in second or third grade. She's the third child of my incredibly talented friends, Greg and Mia, and while I don't have a favorite of th...
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Hello, Huwels!

December 10, 2016
Am I a lucky girl or what? I get to spend part of a beautiful fall afternoon in another one of Hamilton County's Great Parks (Thanks, Shawnee Lookout!) capturing moments...
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