Monks at the Mount

October 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Less than a month ago, Tibetan monks were on campus at Mount St. Joseph university to construct a sand mandala. You can click here to learn more if you like. Some of my students and I were in Studio San Giuseppe for the final moments of construction and for the blessing of the mandala and the work of the day. Take a look.

Silent, tedious work Tapping on one tool allows the sand to flow "like liquid" onto the design Containers of sand Oh yes they did (move their work after it was finished). Oh. Check out the footwear. KRayProductions KRayProductions

I was not present for the opening nor the closing ceremony, but it is said and believed that these mandalas bring peace and healing. After four days of work, the mandala was "systematically dismantled" and the sand powder was tossed into the Ohio River, "reminding us of the impermanence of the world".

Just take a moment with that one.

And then take a look at two of my peeps. Thanks to Anna, my "second shooter" as well as Erin and Paige and all my other non-pictured peeps.

Anna and Adam Adam and Kathy Anna and a Monk


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