Big Bone Lick

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If you've ever been on I-75 heading into or out of Cincinnati, just beyond the Florence Mall exit, you've seen the sign. Have you ever wondered?

So on the occasion of my 40-something-th birthday, I decided to go check it out.

I have to say that Kentucky is JUST BEAUTIFUL. The drive along 338 and 42 before you get to the park is so pretty--lovely homes, split-rail fences, huge, well cared for lawns.  Hat's off to ya, Bluegrassers! So Big Bone Lick is a National Historical Site and a campground. Even Lewis and Clark spent some time there.

Lewis and Clarkand Thomas Jefferson. Who knew?

Big Bone Lick apparently has some great camping sites, and then there are some added attractions. Once you find the museum and information center (I missed actually checking out the museum and info center by about 30 minutes), you see these observation decks surrounding a pit, with replicas of the animals who may have visited the lick. Also note the vultures attacking a carcass. Lewis and Clark found big bones. In the salt lick. There's lots of information available for those who want to do some learning. I opted for photos instead. Imagine that.

Elephant-like Creature Wooly MammothRight?

We'll call this one. . ."You Think You've Had a Hard Day".

So further down the road,  I saw a sign pointing to "bison". Then another that read, "Bison viewing area."  Real bison? Plastic bison? We're in Kentucky. So I followed the trail.  Sure enough. Real bison. In Kentucky.

TrailSo pretty!

I was standing there at the fence with a few other visitors, watching the bison from afar. Eventually, we collectively decided to mosey on to the trail. Way far awayMamas and babies. Probably Dads, too.

But then. We heard snorting. One of the bison started following us and got REALLY close to the fence. It was very cool.

On the move I wanted to call him Bill. Or Bob. Maybe Bubba. I settled on "Sir". He was that close

Big Bone Lick also has a fishing lake. And I made a friend.

Following Directions Lake

Say "Hola" to my little friend

And this was the sky on my drive home. Stunning.

It was a good day. At Big Bone Lick.



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