Engaged! Katie + Justin

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So I get this text from my college friend, Mary, late one Saturday night. It was great to hear from her, but kind of unusual. She mentioned that she'd copied her oldest daughter Katie's boyfriend, Justin, on the text, as he had a photography project he needed some help with. I've known Katie since she was teeny and I'd met Justin a few times. Nice young man. Cute couple. He's at Miami, I thought. It must be some project for school.

Oh. No. Justin wanted me to take pictures as he proposed to Katie.

What!?! What an honor and a privilege. We did a dry run in the pouring rain (isn't it ironic) on May 17, and the proposal was planned for May 25. Memorial Day.

Justin picked the perfect spot. If you've never been to Glen Helen, go now. Seriously. Stop what you're doing and go. OK that's a little dramatic. Go when you can. Stop in at Antioch College. Don't miss Young's Dairy Farm. Just be sure you go.

Don't Miss It!KRayProductions

So the plan was for me to arrive early and get to my hideout, just across from the waterfall. Justin's younger brother would set three notes with flowers along the path so that Katie would see them on the walk back, once Justin popped the question. Once she said yes.

He's sweet, isn't he? You just said, "Awwww", didn't you?

My hideoutKRayProductions

So there I was. Hiding. Shooting for fun. Waiting. Justin was going to pick Katie up for a hike and then lunch. She told me later she was only suspicious because "He kept on talking and talking and going over and over the plans." I heard voices. It was a young family, and when the young girl in her bathing suit started to take off her shorts and shoes, I got a little worried. Thank goodness the water was too cold and she didn't last too long. Shortly thereafter, another group came by. "Just a waterfall," I said to them telepathically. "Water falling off rocks. Nothing to see here, people." Seriously, though. I get it. It's everybody's waterfall. Still. Move along, people. And so they did. They moved on.

Then another family came by and took a rest near the waterfall. Dad got up and saw the note with the flower. "Oh look honey. Someone's going to propose."

The setting was perfectKRayProductions

At that moment, I came out of hiding and confirmed. He thought it was so sweet and told me that's how he proposed. Then he saw my camera. "Oh. So you're here to. . oh. Honey," he yelled to his wife, "we better move on."

Just a few moments later, I saw Justin and Katie coming up the path. There were some butterflies on my part, I have to admit. What a moment. I thought maybe Katie saw me, and later she told me she thought it might have been me, but then Justin grabbed her hand and . . .

The MomentKRayProductions

I didn't hear much, and I'm glad for that. All I heard was Katie saying, "Oh wow. Oh wow." Such a sweet moment. What a lucky woman I am to have been there, in that moment. Thank you so much!

LookingKRayProductions Discovered!KRayProductions

First Engaged Kiss



So we walked back and I captured a few more sweet moments with Katie and Justin. Is that Katin, the Power Couple?








     Family and friends were gathered to greet and congratulate the newly engaged couple. It was a beautiful day.


Besties x 2

One More. They're so pretty!


Chu Family

The Whole Gang


Congratulations, Katie + Justin!





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