Hello, Owen!

June 05, 2014  •  1 Comment

Almost 11 years ago, when I started teaching at St. Jude, I met this fabulous young teacher named Anne. She was right out of Miami University, originally from Canton, OH (Go Browns!), and I liked her right away. We ended up being good friends and I'm so grateful we've kept in touch. I'd always heard about this Tony guy, also from Canton, and he sounded pretty fabulous, too.

Well these two fabulous people got married, bought a home, and now Anne and Tony have added a new person to their family. Everyone--please say hello to Owen.


Owen and Anne

OK. Now prepare yourself. Ladies and gentlemen. Owen's Dimple. Well. Owen and his dimple.

KRayProductions KRayProductions KRayProductions

Slays me.

Owen and AnneKRayProductions Owen and AnneKRayProductions Owen and AnneKRayProductions

Pretty mom. Happy Owen. Tony's busy with some Doctoral work. We'll catch him the next time.

And no, Georgie. We haven't forgotten you.


Thanks for a great visit and a lovely lunch at the Gahanna Grill. See you soon, happy family!



Mary Ann(non-registered)
What a sweet gift to a dear friend and the rest of us.
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