Hello Rocco!

July 13, 2014  •  1 Comment

I am 2460 weeks old. Click here if you wish to calculate your age in weeks. Or days. I'm 17. 223 days old. Dag. That's a lot of days. Aren't you glad we don't announce our age that way once we're beyond age 2 or so?


I'd like to introduce you to Rocco. Great name, huh? I met Rocco when he was one week old. Just seven days. Isn't he sweet?

Hello, Rocco

Rocco has an older brother and an older sister. I think they like him.



Sweet Big Sister

LaughsIt's so fun having a baby in our house!


K8 + R0 + G3Tell us what you think, Rocco

Rocco also has an older dog named Margarita. She is an excellent watch dog.

On the watch

Congratulations, Jen, Antoni, G3 and K8. Welcome to our crazy family, Rocco!

Irresistible It's baby! Mama's Shoulder Lots of Love!



Carolyn Miller(non-registered)
Love these....excellent capture, Kathy.
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