Summer Road Trip 2014 Part 1: I Am Not A Gearhead

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Yes, folks. I did it again. Another summer road trip. This time, after a fabulous four days in Atlanta with Sandy and Bill, I decided to stop in Chattanooga and Nashville. I had a great time, and the stories will probably unfold in a series of blog posts.

It occurred to me that there were are some themes running through my photos, and one of them, interestingly enough, is . . . well. . .cars. As the title of this post proclaims, I am not a gearhead. I even had to look that term up. I don't know my spark plugs from my windshield wipers and I think a V-8 is as good as a V-9, maybe better. Insert laugh track. But I saw cars all over the place on this trip.

Now you all know my favorite car is my 2013 Toyota Matrix, my Silver Bullet. It's been a rough year for the Bullet, but we had a great trip and she drove like a charm.

So the first car I want to share with you is Bill's Porsche. 1995. Red. Awesome. He looks good in it, doesn't he? We were stopped at a light and two bus loads of special needs kids were on our left, pointing and giggling and waving. As I waved back, Bill said, "You don't drive a car like this if you don't want attention. I will admit. It was a sweet ride.

She's a beauty

Bill's New Ride

Oh yes I did (ride in it). Oh no I didn't (drive it).

It is so choice. KRayProductions

More about these later, but Bill and Sandy took me on a couple of adventures. Here are some of the cars we saw.

A Beauty on Krog StreetKRayProductions

Not an actual car, but cool none-the-lessKRayProductions

Not an actual car, but cool none-the-lessKRayProductions















This one's for sale! KRayProductions








Some looked better than othersKRayProductions

Cars were not the order of the day in Chattanooga (and it was too rainy for me to find the choo-choo), but I did find Andrew Jackson's wedding ride at the Hermitage.

Andrew Jackson's Wedding Ride. Her name is Rachel. She never got to live in the White House. KRayProductions

And across the street from the amazing Opryland Hotel? Cooter's Palace, complete with the General Lee.


On the way home from Nashville, I stopped at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. The cars are awesome. The Corvette Culture is undeniable. And the sinkhole? That's something else.

On display in the museum






























The sinkhole collapsed in the Skydome at 5:39 AM on February 12, 2014. No human injuries--no one was there. But it was all caught on security cameras. Check it out on YouTube if you like.































Here are some Corvettes that survived and were retrieved from the sinkhole. One Corvette remains in the sinkhole, but can't be seen in the pictures. As you can see, some fared better than others.














































So yeah. Cars. Cool, huh? Stay tuned for more!


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