An Hour or So With Mike, Gina, and Layla

October 23, 2015  •  2 Comments

It was a chilly but absolutely gorgeous October Saturday when Mike, Gina, Layla and I met at Alms Park to capture some memories. And did we ever. As I hope you can tell from these photos, this is a sweet little family full of love. Just look at the way they look at each other, play with each other, enjoy each other. We should all be so lucky. 

DSC_0827My Favorite BootsAnd will you look at that outfit? DSC_0827Checking it Out DSC_0827Ticket to Ride DSC_0827Ticket to Ride Part 2Yes. Flower patches on her knees! DSC_0827Go Layla Go

And that Layla. Love her name. Love her smile. Love her! 

DSC_0727Sittin' Pretty

DSC_0854bwHmmmm....What's around this corner? DSC_0602cYay! DSC_0642cbwAnd We're Walkin' DSC_0716So Sweet! DSC_0726Sittin' Pretty 2

Thanks for letting me be part of your day! 

DSC_0798"I'd like a photo with my wife." Nailed it. Easy with such stunning subjects. DSC_0798I know, right. DSC_0798I just need a moment with my Dad. DSC_0798Love. Love. Love



Chris meeps(non-registered)
Kathy you have such an eye for capturing true inner and outer beauty. Thank you for these heartwarming beautiful
Great photos!
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