Holly and Adam

November 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A beautiful fall afternoon at Fernbank Park. Another cute college couple. Thanks for sharing some time with me. I'm so grateful the Mount allowed us to cross paths. #WeLoveEXCEL. Enjoy! 

DSC_0812Such a pretty day! DSC_0953Kiss! DSC_0960Yay Leaves!

DSC_0871I like these. . .In the Wheat. . .Or Whatever. DSC_0874Fixing His Hair. . .In the Wheat . . . Or Whatever. . .

DSC_0022Sitting on a park bench DSC_0080Into the Woods DSC_0084A Kiss in The Woods DSC_0101Goofy. DSC_0122Goofy Part Two DSC_0137Goofy Part 3 DSC_0163A Little Romance DSC_0177A Little More Romance



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