In the Park With Audrey

November 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I've known this beauty forever, and I can't believe she's a senior. Senior. In high school. She's kind and responsible and friendly and fun and  super musically talented. And she's one of those people that just makes you better by being with her. Truly extraordinary. What a gift. And she asked if we could "meet in the park" and do "the senior picture thing." You bet, Audrey. Check these out. 



DSC_0541Leaves! DSC_0558All I said was, "Laugh." Love it.





DSC_0584Kind of belongs in a catalog, huh?

DSC_0606Bridge 1 DSC_0610Bridge 2. Love this!

DSC_05082She said, "I love this scarf." DSC_06062I'll admit, it looks pretty cute.

DSC_0663So pretty. DSC_0683Into the woods/ DSC_06632Look at what that blue scarf does for her eyes, though. Right?


Look at the air she got! I can't wait to see how you set the world on fire, Audrey. Go get 'em. Just. Not yet. #rhythmnation




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