Hello, Huwels!

December 10, 2016  •  1 Comment


Am I a lucky girl or what? I get to spend part of a beautiful fall afternoon in another one of Hamilton County's Great Parks (Thanks, Shawnee Lookout!) capturing moments for beautiful families. This time, it's Mike and Amy and their crew. Amy and I started teaching at St. Jude in the same year (12.5 years ago. What?) and I'm so grateful we've maintained our friendship. Take a look at this very fun, photogenic family. Modeling contract, anyone?

DSC_0472Don't Fence Me In DSC_0560Obligatory Jump Shot--in Black and White DSC_0596Seriously. DSC_0653What a great big brother! DSC_0674E and the Girls DSC_0736Perfect

DSC_0535Please note: Beautiful blanket courtesy of my mom, Rita Ray! DSC_0543E DSC_0561Chuchie. Don't miss the boots! DSC_0578J

Thanks again, you guys. I can't wait to see the card E designed! See you soon! 

DSC_0719Fence Sitters



Jayne, Charlotte, and Violet(non-registered)
Thank you, we think we look cute!! You did a great job!!!!!
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