Kentucky Bourbon Trail: Wild Turkey

July 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Our second and last stop, at least for this adventure, took us to Wild Turkey. When we arrived, we found Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell, busy signing bottles. So Chris bought a bottle, had it personalized, and then had it signed. 

WT074Jimmy Singing The Bottle WT076Chris Checking Jimmy's Work WT077Jimmy Can't Believe His Luck: He Got to Meet Chris!

So our tour of Wild  Turkey began shortly after the bottle-signing. Our tour guide was Jimmy's granddaughter, and that family pride  impressed me the most about this tour. She is clearly very proud of her Wild Turkey heritage. Well. And the limestone. And Kentucky Basketball. And yes, although it's not pictured, there was a tasting at the end of this one, too!

WT079One of the tasting areas. Too classy for us. WT083Old Joe WT091Wild Turkey WT092Silos WT094Ask Chris WT114If you really focus, you can get the Angel's Share. Go on. You know you want to try. WT116Yes. I was actually there. A little sweaty. But there. WT117NOW you want to sing, "Roll out the barrel." There's no shame. WT118Wild Turkey Wacky Warehouse Capture

We had a little time in Frankfort.  

WT122Capitol Building. Worth the wait to get the flag just right. WT130Lamppost. Yeah. I have a thing about lampposts. Yes. It is one word. :) WT140Always fun to take photo of the photographer. . .

Haven't been on the Bourbon Trail yet? Give it a whirl. It's pretty interesting. 


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