Kentucky Bourbon Trail: Woodford Reserve

July 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So on one particular Saturday this summer, my cousin Chris and I set out for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. He'd been to a couple of the distilleries before, but this was my first trip. Our first stop was Woodford Reserve, and it's just beautiful. The tour was entertaining, informative, full of fabulous aromas, and of course, it ended with a tasting. Well done, Woodford Reserve. Well done. 


002Fireplace inside the Visitor's Center 004 006 008 009The limestone, you know, is good for bourbon. And horses. 017 026Really cool-looking stills. Woodford Reserve's signature. 030Barrels. 035 039 040Yeah. Barrels. 045The Barrel Roll 046One of the warehouses. 047You know. A window. 051Perhaps you've heard of the Angel's Share. It's something. 054"No one's ever depressed in a bourbon warehouse." 056 058 068Tasting. In case you were wondering: very tasty. WRChrisEChris


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