It's a Schiller Thing

August 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I've known these people since they were tiny, and I am so grateful to still be in their wonderful, successful, beautiful lives. Say "Hey" to Matt, Liz, Kate, and Rachel. Good times shooting at Kenwood Country Club. Aren't they stunning? 

DSC_0001Four. Not to be confused with "Fore!"

And yes. Slightly goofy.

DSC_0015Hmm. DSC_0027Beauties DSC_0029Smooch DSC_0042Brunette in the Middle(But we know what she REALLY said. . .) DSC_0060Something about her armpit DSC_0066Yep. DSC_0081This one's a retake of a capture from when they were little. Matt had jacked up tube socks on instead of that golfer's tan on his feet. DSC_0128Saying goodbyeKind of for a while DSC_0135Girls DSC_00163I know I say this a lot. But he's kind of model-y. DSC_0870That's more like it. DSC_0886Seesters DSC_0888Seesters Part Deux DSC_0894I had to get one jump shot in. . . DSC_0903You know. Whatever it takes. DSC_0905Whatever it takes part deux. DSC_0940Matt Schiller in his Happy Place DSC_0961Well hello there, Pretty. DSC_00962Love. DSC_0991I think this is Camp 'Tude. DSC_01012Walking Toward Amazing Futures

Thanks for doing this for your Mom and for letting me hang out with you. So. Much. Fun. <heart> Kathy Ray


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