Audrey and Friends: Prom 2017

April 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I think I met Audrey when she was in second or third grade. She's the third child of my incredibly talented friends, Greg and Mia, and while I don't have a favorite of their six kids. . .Audrey plays the violin, is a friend to all, takes care of her younger siblings, sings, performs in East Central plays and show choirs, plays soccer, and makes me sound really good when we play at Mass together. She asked me to take pre-prom photos at their home and at Casey's  (thanks, Casey's!), and clearly, I had the best subjects ever. Here's a little slideshow. Thanks Audrey, Jake, Bryssa and Trevor, and thanks to Mia, Lillie, Simon, Peter, and Ceci for your kind hospitality. Enjoy! 

And enjoy the rest of Senior year. It's the time of your life. 



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