Gambettas in the Summertime

July 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Thanks so much for letting me capture these good times with your beautiful family. I'm so grateful for all five of you! 

First, the fun-loving, nurturing, way-too-tall G3.

G3 (1)G3 (1) G3 (2)I think I said something like, "There's something in the tree."

And then there's silly, beautiful, thought-filled K8.

K8 (2)K8 (2) K8 (9)Her idea.

And then our favorite full of mischief three year old, R0.

R0 (2)R0 (2) R0 (5)Did I mention he's 3? R0 (7)R0 (7) R0 (12)Yes with the curls.

Kids (1)Kids (1) Kids (6)Kids (6) Kids (10)Kids (10) Kids (11)Kids (11) Kids (18)Kids (18) Kids (19)Kids (19)

JenandAntoni (2)JenandAntoni (2) JenandAntoni (3)JenandAntoni (3) JenandK8 (1)Sweet AntoniG3R0 (1)We are here to pump (clap) you up.

Fam (4)The family that laughs together. . . Fam (6)We had to include Margarita. Of course.


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