diana aseere(non-registered)
beautiful pictures Kathy. thanks for sharing.
Beautiful pictures Kathy!
David Beck(non-registered)
You're site and your work looks AMAZING! Keep it up! YOU ROCK!
Susan Z(non-registered)
Damn, you are good.
sherie mccaffrey(non-registered)
love your stuff k-ray! you've got a great eye!
David A(non-registered)
Very Cool KRAY!
Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support!
Sandy Gober(non-registered)
I think that you have done an amazing job. I especially love the Atlanta pictures. The web site is so professional. I wish you all the luck in this endeavor. You have found your niche. I know that you have put so much work into all of this and your love of photography shows. I have found some great spots to shoot on your next visit to Atlanta. I am very proud of you. Way to go Kath!!!!
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