KRayProductions: Blog en-us (C) KRayProductions (KRayProductions) Sun, 05 Nov 2017 20:32:00 GMT Sun, 05 Nov 2017 20:32:00 GMT KRayProductions: Blog 80 120 Those Fabulous Fergusons It was a beautiful Fall afternoon when I took a lovely drive to Louisville and met up with Riley and her fam. They were so much fun and they are some pretty stellar subjects. Enjoy! 

DSC_0009Fam DSC_0040With Grandpa DSC_0108So pretty! DSC_0120Mama Love DSC_0133Fam DSC_0167Boys DSC_0212Cute! DSC_0231Boys with Mom DSC_0299Siblings DSC_0320Everyone needs brothers! DSC_0355PDA DSC_0473Grandpa and His Girls DSC_0492Crazy Kids DSC_020713Love DSC_04321With Dad


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Yellow Springs Sunflower Field  It all started with this post on Facebook:


Those are my friends, Justin and Katie Chu. You might remember their engagement shoot.  I asked about this Sunflower Field, and Katie told me it was at the Tecumseh Land Trust in Yellow Springs. So I got home from school on one particular Friday and thought to myself, "Self. Do you want a nap or an adventure?" I chose adventure.

DSC_0474DSC_0474 DSC_0475DSC_0475 DSC_0498DSC_0498

Fortunately, I had the foresight to text my good friend, Mary Ollier, knowing that I would be passing right by her exit off the highway. Double (or triple) fortunately, Mary, Joe, and Maggie were available to meet me. 

DSC_0530DSC_0530 DSC_0531DSC_0531 DSC_0532DSC_0532 DSC_0535DSC_0535

This is truly one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. The sunflowers go as far as you can see. They are planted in rows, and Mary, ever the mathematician and scientist, made observations about the sunflowers. They were clearly planted in rows, but there were dips and valleys we found interesting. We also practiced our personification skills, noting that some sunflowers were taller than others ("Pick me!") and others were turning around to talk to their neighbors. 

DSC_0542DSC_0542 DSC_0548DSC_0548 DSC_0564DSC_0564 DSC_0620DSC_0620 DSC_0615DSC_0615 DSC_0632DSC_0632

I know a lot of these photos look very similar. I couldn't help myself. I just. Kept. Shooting. I also took some time to just admire the field. What a gift. 

DSC_0627DSC_0627 DSC_04812DSC_04812 DSC_0538DSC_0538 DSC_0545DSC_0545Note the airborne sunflower head, a victim of this jump shot.

And if "Yellow Springs" sounds familiar---yes indeed. Young's Jersey Dairy is right down the street. Thanks, Olliers, for joining me on this adventure. Thanks to the Land Trust and the folks at Whitehall Farm for this beautiful 2017 memory. 


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Gambettas in the Summertime Thanks so much for letting me capture these good times with your beautiful family. I'm so grateful for all five of you! 

First, the fun-loving, nurturing, way-too-tall G3.

G3 (1)G3 (1) G3 (2)I think I said something like, "There's something in the tree."

And then there's silly, beautiful, thought-filled K8.

K8 (2)K8 (2) K8 (9)Her idea.

And then our favorite full of mischief three year old, R0.

R0 (2)R0 (2) R0 (5)Did I mention he's 3? R0 (7)R0 (7) R0 (12)Yes with the curls.

Kids (1)Kids (1) Kids (6)Kids (6) Kids (10)Kids (10) Kids (11)Kids (11) Kids (18)Kids (18) Kids (19)Kids (19)

JenandAntoni (2)JenandAntoni (2) JenandAntoni (3)JenandAntoni (3) JenandK8 (1)Sweet AntoniG3R0 (1)We are here to pump (clap) you up.

Fam (4)The family that laughs together. . . Fam (6)We had to include Margarita. Of course.

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Audrey and Friends: Prom 2017 I think I met Audrey when she was in second or third grade. She's the third child of my incredibly talented friends, Greg and Mia, and while I don't have a favorite of their six kids. . .Audrey plays the violin, is a friend to all, takes care of her younger siblings, sings, performs in East Central plays and show choirs, plays soccer, and makes me sound really good when we play at Mass together. She asked me to take pre-prom photos at their home and at Casey's  (thanks, Casey's!), and clearly, I had the best subjects ever. Here's a little slideshow. Thanks Audrey, Jake, Bryssa and Trevor, and thanks to Mia, Lillie, Simon, Peter, and Ceci for your kind hospitality. Enjoy! 

And enjoy the rest of Senior year. It's the time of your life. 


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Hello, Huwels! DSC_0506Steps

Am I a lucky girl or what? I get to spend part of a beautiful fall afternoon in another one of Hamilton County's Great Parks (Thanks, Shawnee Lookout!) capturing moments for beautiful families. This time, it's Mike and Amy and their crew. Amy and I started teaching at St. Jude in the same year (12.5 years ago. What?) and I'm so grateful we've maintained our friendship. Take a look at this very fun, photogenic family. Modeling contract, anyone?

DSC_0472Don't Fence Me In DSC_0560Obligatory Jump Shot--in Black and White DSC_0596Seriously. DSC_0653What a great big brother! DSC_0674E and the Girls DSC_0736Perfect

DSC_0535Please note: Beautiful blanket courtesy of my mom, Rita Ray! DSC_0543E DSC_0561Chuchie. Don't miss the boots! DSC_0578J

Thanks again, you guys. I can't wait to see the card E designed! See you soon! 

DSC_0719Fence Sitters


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Hudson Rays: the 2016 Edition It was rainy and grey and kind of cold Thanksgiving morning, but that didn't stop us from our annual photo shoot. This sweet family--my handsome cousin Bill, his beautiful wife, Kari, and their four awesome kids--gets cooler and cuter and more stunning every year. Oh yeah. And more hilarious. Enjoy the photos. I'm so grateful for you guys! 

DSC_0197Good shot. Down by the river. DSC_0197In the woods.

DSC_0206Insert thought bubbles. DSC_0212Look at Z. Goofball.


DSC_0243With the Mom.


DSC_0227Pretty girls. DSC_0230Handsome boys. DSC_0258Z on the trail. DSC_0268Will. A little off the trail. DSC_0286So pretty. DSC_0294I know, right? Perfect. DSC_0308Photo idea courtesy of Bill Ray DSC_0320Pretty girls part deux. DSC_03092Sassy on the tracks.

DSC_02952See ya next year!

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Holly and Adam A beautiful fall afternoon at Fernbank Park. Another cute college couple. Thanks for sharing some time with me. I'm so grateful the Mount allowed us to cross paths. #WeLoveEXCEL. Enjoy! 

DSC_0812Such a pretty day! DSC_0953Kiss! DSC_0960Yay Leaves!

DSC_0871I like these. . .In the Wheat. . .Or Whatever. DSC_0874Fixing His Hair. . .In the Wheat . . . Or Whatever. . .

DSC_0022Sitting on a park bench DSC_0080Into the Woods DSC_0084A Kiss in The Woods DSC_0101Goofy. DSC_0122Goofy Part Two DSC_0137Goofy Part 3 DSC_0163A Little Romance DSC_0177A Little More Romance


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In the Park With Audrey I've known this beauty forever, and I can't believe she's a senior. Senior. In high school. She's kind and responsible and friendly and fun and  super musically talented. And she's one of those people that just makes you better by being with her. Truly extraordinary. What a gift. And she asked if we could "meet in the park" and do "the senior picture thing." You bet, Audrey. Check these out. 



DSC_0541Leaves! DSC_0558All I said was, "Laugh." Love it.





DSC_0584Kind of belongs in a catalog, huh?

DSC_0606Bridge 1 DSC_0610Bridge 2. Love this!

DSC_05082She said, "I love this scarf." DSC_06062I'll admit, it looks pretty cute.

DSC_0663So pretty. DSC_0683Into the woods/ DSC_06632Look at what that blue scarf does for her eyes, though. Right?


Look at the air she got! I can't wait to see how you set the world on fire, Audrey. Go get 'em. Just. Not yet. #rhythmnation



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Erin and Cage: Oneiversary You've seen Erin before. You may have even seen Cage before. Now, you get to see them together. They've been dating officially for one year but met several years ago at a music festival. Long distance relationships aren't easy, but these two kids are making the most of it all. 
Our first stop was the very cool and trendy Summit Park in  Blue Ash. Outdoor seating. Very cool.

DSC_0519Erin and Cage DSC_0520BWShe looks at him like that. A lot. DSC_0523And he looks at her like that. A lot. DSC_0541He really does like a forehead kiss. Swear. DSC_0564Love on the rocks. Nah. DSC_0578Artsy Shadow Kiss

Then we headed to this park-ish area near Erin's house where there's a firetruck in a field. Engine One. Get it?

DSC_0694Fire truck Leg Pop DSC_0621He sang to her a lot. Maybe that's what was going on here. DSC_0642I'll call this one, "Cute Couple, Rusty Truck" DSC_0646Cute Couple Rusty Truck 2 DSC_0681It's better when he forehead kisses her. DSC_0691Yep. DSC_0693bwIt's a dreamy kind of love. DSC_0667sFeet

DSC_0753Young love. Sweet love. DSC_0847Kiss.

As we were leaving the park, a young couple was walking by with a sweet four-legged friend. "Can we pet your dog?" Erin asked. And thus began a new friendship with New York travelers Ben, Olive, and Neptune. DSC_0925Meet Neptune DSC_0933Erin, Cage, Ben, Olive, and Neptune. New friends.

Thanks for letting me celebrate with you, you crazy kids. Happy Oneiversary. It's a thing. 


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Olivia and Her Family It was hot. HOT. But we found some shade at Fernbank Park and took Olivia's two year photos. You can just see that personality sneaking out of Livvy's eyes and smile. Her siblings, Lucas and Ellie love her and love making her smile, and her Mom and Dad could not be more proud of their three wonderful kids. Congrats, Nate and Lauren. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day! 





DSC_0289DSC_0289 DSC_0299DSC_0299 DSC_0307DSC_0307 DSC_0337DSC_0337 DSC_0356DSC_0356 DSC_0362DSC_0362 DSC_0395DSC_0395 DSC_0483DSC_0483 DSC_0411DSC_0411 DSC_0437DSC_0437 DSC_0418DSC_0418 DSC_0432DSC_0432 DSC_0508DSC_0508


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It's a Schiller Thing I've known these people since they were tiny, and I am so grateful to still be in their wonderful, successful, beautiful lives. Say "Hey" to Matt, Liz, Kate, and Rachel. Good times shooting at Kenwood Country Club. Aren't they stunning? 

DSC_0001Four. Not to be confused with "Fore!"

And yes. Slightly goofy.

DSC_0015Hmm. DSC_0027Beauties DSC_0029Smooch DSC_0042Brunette in the Middle(But we know what she REALLY said. . .) DSC_0060Something about her armpit DSC_0066Yep. DSC_0081This one's a retake of a capture from when they were little. Matt had jacked up tube socks on instead of that golfer's tan on his feet. DSC_0128Saying goodbyeKind of for a while DSC_0135Girls DSC_00163I know I say this a lot. But he's kind of model-y. DSC_0870That's more like it. DSC_0886Seesters DSC_0888Seesters Part Deux DSC_0894I had to get one jump shot in. . . DSC_0903You know. Whatever it takes. DSC_0905Whatever it takes part deux. DSC_0940Matt Schiller in his Happy Place DSC_0961Well hello there, Pretty. DSC_00962Love. DSC_0991I think this is Camp 'Tude. DSC_01012Walking Toward Amazing Futures

Thanks for doing this for your Mom and for letting me hang out with you. So. Much. Fun. <heart> Kathy Ray

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Kentucky Bourbon Trail: Wild Turkey Our second and last stop, at least for this adventure, took us to Wild Turkey. When we arrived, we found Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell, busy signing bottles. So Chris bought a bottle, had it personalized, and then had it signed. 

WT074Jimmy Singing The Bottle WT076Chris Checking Jimmy's Work WT077Jimmy Can't Believe His Luck: He Got to Meet Chris!

So our tour of Wild  Turkey began shortly after the bottle-signing. Our tour guide was Jimmy's granddaughter, and that family pride  impressed me the most about this tour. She is clearly very proud of her Wild Turkey heritage. Well. And the limestone. And Kentucky Basketball. And yes, although it's not pictured, there was a tasting at the end of this one, too!

WT079One of the tasting areas. Too classy for us. WT083Old Joe WT091Wild Turkey WT092Silos WT094Ask Chris WT114If you really focus, you can get the Angel's Share. Go on. You know you want to try. WT116Yes. I was actually there. A little sweaty. But there. WT117NOW you want to sing, "Roll out the barrel." There's no shame. WT118Wild Turkey Wacky Warehouse Capture

We had a little time in Frankfort.  

WT122Capitol Building. Worth the wait to get the flag just right. WT130Lamppost. Yeah. I have a thing about lampposts. Yes. It is one word. :) WT140Always fun to take photo of the photographer. . .

Haven't been on the Bourbon Trail yet? Give it a whirl. It's pretty interesting. 

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Kentucky Bourbon Trail: Woodford Reserve So on one particular Saturday this summer, my cousin Chris and I set out for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. He'd been to a couple of the distilleries before, but this was my first trip. Our first stop was Woodford Reserve, and it's just beautiful. The tour was entertaining, informative, full of fabulous aromas, and of course, it ended with a tasting. Well done, Woodford Reserve. Well done. 


002Fireplace inside the Visitor's Center 004 006 008 009The limestone, you know, is good for bourbon. And horses. 017 026Really cool-looking stills. Woodford Reserve's signature. 030Barrels. 035 039 040Yeah. Barrels. 045The Barrel Roll 046One of the warehouses. 047You know. A window. 051Perhaps you've heard of the Angel's Share. It's something. 054"No one's ever depressed in a bourbon warehouse." 056 058 068Tasting. In case you were wondering: very tasty. WRChrisEChris

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Lauren: Class of 2016 Congratulations, Lauren! I met Lauren and her Mom, who also happens to be my boss, at Mitchell Memorial Forest for her Graduation Photo Shoot. It was a warm but beautiful evening, and she was a natural. 

I joked with her that she was kind of model-y, but looking at the results. . .What do you think? :) 

074074 075BW075BW 078C078C 185185 187187 189cBW189cBW

Lauren's all set to begin her education about education (ha!) at Xavier University this fall. Good luck, Lauren! And thanks again for the honor of capturing these moments for you. Go get 'em!


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Congratulations, Kyle and Colleen! They did it! Kyle graduated from Badin High School. He was honored with a gold honor cord and the very special Archbishop Alter Medal for his contributions to the religion program at Badin. Congratulations, Kyle!

Colleen graduated from Ursuline Academy. She was honored with the Christian Leadership Medal and with the Centennial Spirit Medal. Way to go, Ollie! 

I'm so grateful to have been invited to celebrate these two amazing human beings with family and friends. We were missing two, but they are always in our hearts!  And in the spirit of full-disclosure, Patrick took many of the wonderful photos you'll see in the slideshow. Enjoy! 


Aunt Kath


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Olivia is 18 Months! Time flies! Olivia, the little cutie, is 18 months! We took advantage of the beautiful weather in late February to walk around Farbach Werner Nature Preserve to get these shots. Don't you just love that red barn? 

EllieEllieShe's so sweet! Fam2FamBy the barn Fence5You caption this one! "Whatchu talkin' about, Willis?" LucasLucasDon't you just wanna eat him up? MamaLovebwMama Love O1ccThose Eyes!Apparently Pop calls her a little firecracker--and that teeny ponytail is her wick! O2Checking it out O9cJust Thinking OFence3Yeah. I love this one, too. OGazebo3bwSitting On a Park Bench OonStumpbwHmm. What's That? OWalkingHiya, Bright Eyes! OZip2Zip WithDadWith Dad WithMom3With Mom

Thank you so much for the honor of being part of capturing your memories! <3 Kathy

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Photos By Chris I think it was Thanksgiving Day, 2014 when my cousin, Chris, first mentioned that he and his lovely wife, Amy, had taken a trip to the West Coast and he had some photos he wanted to share. We had a great discussion about the trip and the different things they'd seen and the cool captures he'd made, and I was thrilled at the opportunity to take a look at his shots and see what kind of "magic" could happen with them. It took us a few months for me to get the photos and Chris and Amy assured me that this was a "no pressure" kind of situation.  We talked about different approaches to the photos and did some learning together. We even morphed it into an opportunity to share a meal at my house with their wonderful recipes and a pasta machine! 

So, with the permission of the artist, and without further ado, I present to you--some fabulous Photos By Chris.
Thanks again for the opportunity! 


Photos By ChrisPhotos By Chris Photos By ChrisPhotos By Chris Photos By ChrisPhotos By Chris Photos By ChrisPhotos By Chris Photos By ChrisPhotos By Chris Photos By ChrisPhotos By Chris Photos By ChrisPhotos By Chris Photos By ChrisPhotos By Chris Photos By ChrisPhotos By Chris

And if you're thinking to yourself, "These would make awesome wallpapers," well, you're right. 

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Random Post: January 24, 2016 Sunday afternoon. Organizing Files. Thought I'd share some captures from summer and fall. Enjoy!  GazingGazingThree of my faves! AAvaIsn't she sweet? KandCCupcakes for the 18 Year Olds!18?!?!? PCandAPaige, Colleen, and AvaSuch beauties! BandABWConversationAdmiration

And how about some of the Ramily? 

77#77 in Your Program. . . 77Fans#77 Fans BallBoysBall Boys HollywoodHollywood HornsHorns HuddleHuddle

And then some truly random stuff. . .

FoggyFoggyOut My Back Door CampCrossCamp CrossCamp Ernst TextingandRidingTexting and RidingCamp Ernst OrangeOrangeDon't you just love a walk in the park?

Take care, everyone. Stay warm and happy!

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Scenes from Christmas 2015 Merry Christmas and Happy 2016, everyone! Here's a bit of a glimpse into my Christmas this year. Here's to joy, peace, and magic in the new year!

Christmas Eve at Brian and Karen's. . . 

AKandKIsn't he handsome? C4Core 4! Grammy+3With Grammy KandBKaren and Brian RaysChristmas2015The Fam

Christmas Day

ColoringAdult Coloring Book!

Hoverboard!Hoverboard! IndiansSeasonIndians Season Afghan, Hand-Crafted by Mom ItsaBookIt's a Book PandGPatrick and Grammy


ThumpyThumpy SelfieSelfie!


A Dermody Christmas--at Chris and Amy's. . .

004004 011Kitchen Confidential 013Nothing Like an O-Bow 056056 087087 074074 095095

"Breath of Heaven"

Greg, Caroline, Lisa

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Merry Christmas! This is a repost from last year, with the addition of a different song and some photos from last Christmas. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement. 

Wishing you all some Christmas magic. .



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